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Xpat - an essential app for expatriates to stay connected

The Indian diaspora is spread across the globe. The expatriates comprising professionals, businessmen, academics, and families have etched a successful life. This also includes visitors- tourists as well as professionals on short-term visas. Covid19 has adversely impacted the people across the world, including the expatriates. At such times, the local High Commission in various countries need to ensure the safety and well-being of the expatriates. To this end it becomes necessary to stay connected and share information.


Kaladi Consulting’s Xpat is a mobile application focussed on staying connected with the expatiates. Xpat was developed in partnership with Worldwide Healthcare Limited, an Imperial Logistics Company involved in distribution of pharmaceutical products in Nigeria and Ghana.


The app enables expatriates to register themselves with the High Commission by providing details on self and family, local and India addresses, health conditions and medical history. The High commission, in turn feeds expatriates with local and topical information, shares details on resources in the neighborhood such as Testing centers, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Provision stress and also notifies them on events, health alerts,  lockdown measures, Vandhe Mathrama flights back home.


The app also helps the High commission track expatriate’s location and caution them on areas to avoid. Expatriates can contact the High commission via call, email, or SMS and on emergency call a specific number for immediate attention.


Available in both android as well iOS, Xpat is an app that the High Commissions across the world should adopt and use to stay connected with the expatriates.


Key Features:

  • Stay connected with the High Commission and share information for better care and safety
  • Listing of neighborhood resources such as hospitals, testing centers, pharmacies, provision stores
  • Stay informed with topical news feed
  • Notification on health alerts, events, places to avoid and schedule for travel
  • Easy to use, intuitive and scalable app

Contact sales@kaladi.in  to know more about Kaladi Consulting and for a free demo of Xpat – Expatriates Application to stay connected.