Today’s millennial workforce expects to work on-the-go. From tracking products across the supply chain to order placement in real-time and remote sales/support, mobile applications open up a world of opportunity for enterprises.


Powered by mobile, enterprises can save costs — cheaper new technology, go to newer markets — hitherto unreachable and improve customer service — solve problems with online help from expert technicians.

Android development

We build Android applications that enable mobility and anytime/anywhere access to your enterprise applications.

iOS development

We build iOS applications for various enterprise needs like sales, inventory, logistics and business analytics.

Enterprise integration

We make sure that all the applications we build have seamless upstream and downstream integration.

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mSales from Kāladi

Field force automation redefined.

mSales offers top of the rank functionality to help field force to improve their productivity, achieve milestones and get incentives. Amazingly simple and intuitive and used by over 1,000 Sales Representatives (SR) across geographies.

  • Journey plan and geo fencing
  • Customer information at finger tips
  • Real time stock status
  • Order booking, sales invoices, collections
  • Multi-channel communication
  • Real-time metrics on SR performance
  • Seamless integration with several ERP systems

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