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Netsuite – The Smart Cloud ERP for Retailers

NetSuite is an end-to-end cloud management system for financials & accounting, inventory & order management, CRM & marketing, point-of-sale, and e-commerce.


NetSuite was based upon the unified suite of applications that abounds together across the business allows organizations to work on a single source of information. NetSuite provides one single instance of data across your multiple businesses like manufacturing, wholesale, retail enterprise, and e-commerce.


Moreover, NetSuite’s predefined jobs and dashboards are tailored around a user’s mundane tasks, which takes into consideration the most effective utilization of data all through the whole organization.


For retailers, having stock and accounting information in the same system means that financial transactions show up when things are bought as well as sold this will allow retailers to take decisions on budgeting, stock replenishment, sales forecasting based on realities, instead of a mystery. This dispenses with the manual work done to reconcile sales and stock across various systems for reporting.

Why NetSuite for Retailers?

  • A Complete 360-degree perspective on your customers across all sales channels – In-store, e-commerce & Backoffice.
  • Supports multiple locations, multi-currency, and various sales channels from a single platform. A completely equipped and ready to use handheld POS. Powerful e-commerce suite, compatibility with any devices.
  • Central control to all pricing, offers, and promotions. Management and fulfillment of cross-channel orders. Transparent visibility on stocks in real-time across all channels. Tools for campaigning, targeting, and segmenting offerings.

With NetSuite, transaction data will flow to your procurement and warehouse department from all sales channel platforms. Invoice and expense data flows to the accounting department and customer data flows to the marketing team for further campaign. This provides real-time insight into sales, inventories, and consumers across all platforms to the appropriate people in the organizations to effective decision-making.

Insights include,

  • Analyze the results and get trends in channels, vendors, and consumer preferences patterns.
  • Actionable insights for decision making in the organization
  • Measure the success of ad campaigns
  • Dashboards based on user roles
  • Sales/inventory/expenses/marketing campaign ROI KPIs in real-time
  • Drill down directly to transactions

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