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Omnichannel Order Management – a Netsuite solution for the new normal

Order management plays an extremely significant role to ensure that the products are manufactured on time and sent to market in order to enhance sales for the organisation through quicker turnaround time and go to market.


This works as a tremendous supply chain differentiator in the current scheme of things and organisations need to look at effective Order management through their ERP systems to ensure high standards of excellence.


NetSuite Order Management enables you to meet and exceed high customer expectations for omnichannel fulfillment, while it helps to profitably scale the business.

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Some of the key differentiators of the Net Suite Order Management system that helps achieve standards of excellence are as follows:


Order Synchronisation: This ensures complete automation and management of the order life cycle like order capture and validation, order release, shipment confirmation, customer communications and settlement. This supports other complex processes such as split shipments, drop ship, personalized products, continuity programs and digital fulfillment.


Order Management: NetSuite’s intelligent order allocation meets to fulfill the orders based on the global inventory availability and business needs. The NetSuite’s automatic location assignment through rule-based methodology helps to apply dynamically the fulfillment strategies by cost optimization and timely deliveries to customers.


Live Inventory visibility: NetSuite enables a single source of Inventory truth across the organization spanning inventory depts, warehouses, stores, and distribution channels. This ensure that the organization is able to stick to their customer commitments and is tightly integrated to the supply chain.


Order fulfillment: Smaller facilities can use the native pick, pack, and ship functionality, and integrate with key shipping providers. Larger facilities can leverage the sophisticated, outbound fulfillment operations to enable seamless order fulfillment.


Store fulfillment: Stores could enhance as an effective fulfilment source for the customer where customers can buy and return goods from any store. Stores also serve as a fulfilment hub for the organization across all channels.


Drop-ship/Endless aisle: Efficiently manage drop-ship programs, including order capture and validation, communicating dropship orders to suppliers, receipt of supplier acknowledgement and shipping confirmations, seamless communications back to the customer and settlement with the supplier.


Return – Exchange Policy: The Return and exchange policy rules can be preset by NetSuite across all omni channels to ensure seamless and flawless execution at all point .NetSuite helps ensure timely returns, confirm returns to inventory without delay and inspect and address any key potential quality issues or mal practice.


Customer service:  A seamless omnichannel experience enables customer service representatives (CSRs) and store associates to work in a decentralized manner with order management capabilities to help them handle customer inquiries and issues on product availability, order fulfilment and changes.

Benefits of Netsuite Order Management System:

  • Effective Inventory Management
  • Seamless Channel Integration
  • Flexibity on Order Modification
  • Increased Revenues through Customer delight
  • Supply Chain Empowerment

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