Ksfa - the cutting-edge field force automation solution

Ksfa from Kaladi Consulting is a top of the rank field force automation solution. It improves manifold salesperson’s productivity while bringing about huge efficiencies and speed in order processing and supply chain.


At present used by over 1,000 Salespersons in FMCG and Pharmaceutical sales and distribution across geographies, Ksfa is rich in functionality and intuitive to use. It integrates with several ERP solutions including Oracle EBS & Fusion cloud, SAP, Tally to name a few.


Efficient order fulfillment

Enter and relay orders to backend for early fulfillment. Apply trade schemes, perform credit checks, track order status.

Self Service

Provide self-service option to Customers to place orders themselves, manage their stock, determine reorders based on suggestions and much more

Journey Plan & Geo Fencing

Decide on number of customer visits based on coverage, route and customer order value and frequency; suggest best route; enable fencing.

Sales call tracking

With the tracking tool, track the daily performance of the Sales team to ensure sales call optimization

Real time Stock status

Track real time stock availability from backend ERP. This will make the sales team to act proactively and make effective sales

Real time Sales Performance

Track visits, basket and assortment analyze their overall productivity and performance

Rich Analytics

On visits, sales, baskets, collections, stocks and incentives

Digital Artifacts

Promote products effectively to customers using illustrated product features and videos to avoid carrying heavy collaterals

Customer surveys, feedback and suggestions

Through this organizations can collate the complete feedback to take corrective action for maximizing customer satisfaction

Expense Booking & Tracking

Facilitates Sales Representatives to book their expenses, upload vouchers and integrate with back-end ERP system for expense approvals, payments and status reporting.

Key Benefits

  • Speedy turnover of Inventory owing to quicker order fulfilment
  • Customer information at fingertips
  • Real time stock status
  • Multi-channel communication
  • Digital artefacts
  • Expenses tracking
  • Real-time metrics on salesperson performance
  • Seamless integration with several ERP systems