Large manufacturing organizations depend on their supply eco system for sourcing & timely delivery of raw materials, components and packaging material. The whole process is often riddled with challenges like Competitive landscape needing input cost efficiencies, Quality issues, Supply delays, Cost Escalations, Inadequate information on sourcing status and more.


Kaladi Consulting’s K-procure is a comprehensive solution to manage process efficiency, enables quicker TAT, ensures cost savings throughout the supplier process.

Key Functional Benefits

  • Supplier Self-Service: Portal offers the ability for suppliers to perform self-service inquiries online whenever they need to know the status of an expected payment.
  • Collaborative Processes: Portal provides both supplier and buyer a single interactive window, and all related functions in the buyer organization such as Manufacturing, Design, Inventory, SCM, Finance, Quality and Purchase
  • Change Management: Portal provides an online resource for buyers to communicate changes to contact details, routing guides and business processes to the supplier community
  • Snapshots: Portal provides a complete macroscopic view of the various production stages

Quick Contact

Supplier On-boarding

Capture all supplier requirements up front to effectively operate downstream systems and drive other strategic supplier processes

Purchase Requisition

Use the Purchase Requisition option to raise requests to be considered in RFQ. PRs can be based on established inventory.

Request for Quote

Generate RFQ and tracks its complete process through selection, ordering, inspection, purchase invoicing, payments.

Purchase Orders

Raise POs through evaluation, audits, price comparison, selection and workflow-based approvals

Delivery follow-up

Track delivery follow-up and in-line inspections, audits. Enables Vendor development and quality improvement

Supplier rating

Rate list of suppliers on parameters and use the rating for selection of suppliers for RFQ and while fixing vendor targets


Get comprehensive set of reports and an intuitive dashboard with this feature in our solution.


History of all transactions, all meetings, negotiations associated with a PR, RFQ or PO for audit, learning

Key features:

  • Seamlessly integrated with any ERP and Design/PDM application
  • Secure portal, capable of handling high volumes of traffic and data
  • Configurable workflow approvals as per organizational business rules and governance policies
  • Vendor management – vendor registration with certifications, audits and approvals
  • PR process in the Portal or integrated from ERP
  • Preparation of RFQ for various Projects and associated PRs, float RFQ to listed vendors
  • Provision for vendors to submit quotes and interact with the vendors to facilitate and track negotiations
  • Price Comparison and Reverse bidding options
  • Selection and Shortlisting of vendors with pre-requisites to release PO
  • Raise request and follow up of vendor inspections and audits, which can be done by both vendor and buyer
  • Enable or Disable a vendor based on the bidding, audit outcomes
  • Tracking of all internal and external transactions with auto-generated email notifications
  • Quick Dashboards and MIS Reports of all activities

Key Business Benefits

  • Quick supplier onboarding
  • Effective bidding and procurement process
  • Transparency and tracking of supplier awarding process
  • Manage supplier information and Relationships
  • Enhanced collaboration between buyer and supplier
  • Tracking of supplier performance and metrics
  • Secure and scalable
  • Seamlessly integrated with Oracle EBS and can be done with any other on premise or Cloud ERP