Manifold increase in sales efficiency through mobile SFA solution in FMCG & Pharma wholesale & retail distribution

Kāladi Consulting developed an Android-based SFA application. Sales reps would carry the tab for timely entry of the sales orders, which were set (time frequency customizable) to transfer to/from Oracle every 5 minutes.

Emzor Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, Nigeria

Business needs

The Sales Representative (SRs) at our customer organizations work their respective market areas and fetch orders. These orders were being brought to the back-office and after review  entered and booked into Oracle EBS for dispatch processing.


The customer wanted to reduce the lead time to enter the orders into Oracle and thus improve order processing and fulfillment time.

Kāladi solution

Kāladi Consulting developed a 7” Tab (android) based SFA application.


Tabs were assigned to the SRs who would carry the Tab for timely entry of the sales orders, which were set (time frequency customizable) to transfer to/from Oracle every 5 minutes.

  • Detailed Customer information, including credit and payment terms
  • Stock information at warehouses, by batch and expiry dates
  • Order status – booked, shipped, invoiced, etc
  • Customer invoice/outstanding status for collection follow-up
  • Stock at customers and possible sales offtake
  • Customer feedback & market/customer surveys
  • Ability to take pictures and relay them back to Oracle


SRs movements are tracked using the GPS and the GPS data is sent back to Oracle at defined intervals (including at each transaction: check in to the customer outlet, order taking, surveys, etc.), and a back-end web application (Location Tracker) helps track the SR’s movement vis-à-vis his plan (Daily journey plan).


The SFA application supports:

  • Primary sales (essentially order taking and relaying to Oracle for processing- as mentioned above)
  • Secondary sales (typical Van sales where SR carries stock, sells (invoices) and collects money)
  • For Van sales at one of our customers we developed a Hand held device (HHD) based solution on Windows. This is being used by over 50 Van Sales SRs today
  • (For the Pharma distribution) Medical Representative visit to Doctors to record:
    • Patient traffic
    • Prescription volume
    • Medicines prescribed
    • Cross-validation with in-clinic and neighborhood pharmacies on prescriptions volume and medicines

Once usage of the SFA application for SR increased and stabilized (over 800 SRs use it on a daily basis today in Nigeria and Ghana), Kāladi Consulting developed Web apps for SRs’ Managers to track on their laptops or mobiles the movement and performance of the SRs — visits, orders, sales, stocks, etc.


Further based on the requirement from the Principals, Kumanti Consulting developed a Principal Referral App, to be used by Principal’s SRs on their laptops or mobiles. This app helps these SRs to recommend orders to our customer SRs, based on their field visits and discovery of demand at a customer place. Such referrals are relayed to mapped SRs in their Tabs, who then, visit the customer to get the order, and the whole processes in tracked to closure.


Kāladi Consulting also delivered a Driver Tab app to be used by sales order dispatch team for facilitating the following:

  • Loading of all delivery information for the trip from Oracle to Driver Tab
  • Check in by driver at customer site and updating delivery (partial or full) and capture an image of the proof of delivery document and relaying the delivery status with proof of delivery image to Oracle
  • Tracking of driver movement and performance (visits, deliveries, etc.) by Driver’s manager (a separate Web app)


The SFA application has been in use for 5 years now and has been enriched through new version releases and at present Version 5 is in place.

For more information about this project:

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  • Oracle E-Business Suite
    • Forms
    • Reports
    • XML Publisher
    • PLSQL & SQL
    • OAF (OA Framework) – Java & XML
    • Oracle Database 11g
    • UNIX Shell Script
  • Android
    • Java
    • SQLite Database