Enabling seamless management of AR receipt across businesses

Kāladi Consulting enabled seamless management and centralised control of singular payments for the invoices across different businesses, regions and operating units.

Hathway Cable and Datacom is a cable television and Internet service provider across India.

Business needs

Our customer needed the ability to apply/allocate a single receipt from a customer, across multiple businesses, operating units and regions that they transact with, during their relationship with the organization.


Oracle EBS Accounts Receivables (AR) module currently does not support this need. It is expected that the customer makes multiple payments (cheques) for each region/site and handle his liability with each region or department independently, which is a cumbersome task both for the customer as well as for the organization.


This leads to inaccurate aging reports, incorrect customer outstanding reports, customer dissatisfaction and additional efforts were needed to handle receipts at all locations.

Kāladi solution

Kāladi Consulting developed a custom component to overcome this issue.

This custom component gave the client the ability to:

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  • Record a consolidated single receipt in the parent OU without manual intervention.
  • Distribute the customer receipt across OUs, based on the present liability in the respective OUs.
  • Automatically create receipts in respective OUs to the open liability.
  • Perform tightly bounded automated reversal of such receipts in case of reversal of customer receipt.
  • Track parent and each of its OU receipts and the associated invoices.


  • Oracle
  • OAF (Java, XML)
  • PL/SQL
  • Forms
  • Reports Builder

Business outcomes

Reduced process time with the one-time-receipt-entry, which eliminated multiple manual transactions.

100% entry of receipt transactions.

Accurate aging report and customer outstanding report on-time and on-demand.

Improved customer satisfaction because of eliminating the hassle of making multiple payments for their liability.

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