Collaborate Well

Associate with all the key stakeholders on a single user-friendly platform who are involved in the sourcing process such as requisitioners, buyer, approver, vendor, finance, material planner, logistics, quality inspectors and auditors. Every stage of the buying is time-critical and this application digitizes all the transactions ranging from PR, PO, RFQ, Quote, ASN, Invoicing, Propose to Pay Notifications and reduces the lead time in the entire cycle. All these events and information are shared real-time among the users to verify, acknowledge, negotiate, approve, follow-up and do more online.

Digital approvals

  • Configurable AFlow – easy to set-up approval flows based on parameters like users, operating unit, location, budget and hierarchy
  • Approval flow status along with remarks is shared with the desired set of users to take appropriate actions
  • On-the-go reviews, validations, approvals and notifications via feature-rich Mobile app

Track PR to PO & ASN to GRN

  • Get prompt notifications on the PR – PO pending & approval statuses and fast track the process
  • Link individual line items in the PR with the corresponding PO and verify the GRN against the respective PO
  • Receive the shipment and logistics details uploaded by vendors well in advance and prepare your team to receive the goods

Instant alerts and notifications

  • Respective business users and decision-makers are notified of every activity done on the platform
  • User-based notification summary helps to keep a tab on all the historic events
  • Prioritise actions for selective tasks and ensure deadlines are met
  • Quick view alerts on your mobile device to make quick decisions

Note sheet entries & Logistics

  • Digitalise, capture and store all the approval transactions between buyer and vendor which can be used for management level approvals
  • Attach note sheets with any PR or PO for further considerations
  • Eliminate redundant expenses if your organization has its own fleet of logistics
  • Let your vendors leverage your logistics by allowing them to request an appropriate vehicle for shipment and approve it accordingly

Operate the happiest and most efficient procurement team along with satisfied Vendors on the foundation of effective

Kprocure collaborative platform

Vendor Ratings

Alerts & Notification

Intuitive Dashboards

API’s for ERP Integration

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