Budget Controls

Our Budget Control feature allows you to define the spending caps and oversee all the expenses.  Configurable system controls stop the users from exceeding their allocated budgets and alerts you on any unusual activity or spend pattern.

Pre-define budgets

  • Set budgets within the organisation on different aspects such as users, line items, vendors, operating units, locations and more
  • Control the spends centrally and assign limits for other locations globally or enable decentralise to spend controls and allow the regional leads to take control
  • Configure and automate workflow approvals across the procurement events to ensure business rules are followed
  • Leverage the Budget vs Actuals spend analysis to fine-tune your future planning

Operate the happiest and most efficient procurement team along with satisfied Vendors on the foundation of effective

Kprocure collaborative platform

Vendor Ratings

Alerts & Notification

Intuitive Dashboards

API’s for ERP Integration

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