Use Cases

Connect, share and do more

Use this collaborative platform to communicate, share, transact, request, approve, track, follow up and notify, all with zero delays.

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Improve your vendor performance and do efficient business

Select the best vendors from the pool, onboard and share your demands, transact and track their performance, keep them updated with timely notifications and remind them to renew their certifications.

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Transparent RFQ & Awarding

Digitize your RFQ, follow up, negotiation, price comparison and vendor shortlisting process. Stop creating manual RFQ’s and start using a user guided form to create RFQ’s in a few clicks and award the top vendors.

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Reliable Sub-Contracting and Quality delivery

Industry shifts are forcing the procurement community to fundamentally rethink how they manage supplier relationships, especially sub-contracting and deliveries.

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Timely notifications help you make a perfect plan

Realise the power of notifications. Any notice that reaches the stakeholders on time enables them to plan well in advance, validate the demands, set budgets, approve and lower the risk of unexpected spending. For instance, Advance Shipment notice and Payment Forecast helps both the vendor and the buyer to plan accordingly.

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Logistics Request & Response

Allow your vendors to access the platform to communicate with buyers and upload critical information such as logistics requests, advance shipment notice and other related information.

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Inspect goods on delivery

With the built-in quality and inspection feature, one can inspect the goods delivered by the vendors, rate the quality and notify them if there are any damaged goods or partial shipments.

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AI-enabled e-Invoice Processing & Analytics Intelligence

Automate all the manual vendor invoice processes to digital transactions with an AI-enabled engine and reduce manual intervention. Get deeper insights into the available data in various formats and make the right decisions well in advance.

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Optimise your expenses in simple ways

Configure a set of business rules for users, workflow approvals, monthly or annual spend limits, re-order levels and more to keep the expenses within approved budgets.

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What’s Unique?​

A robust digital procurement platform encompassing the features to manage the end to end procurement cycle with options to personalise, customise or even build something out of the box according to your business nuances. If that’s what you demand, we will make it the best fitment for your business.

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