Kprocure is a state-of-the-art digital platform that helps large manufacturers to prevent common challenges such as variations in product quality, overspending and lack of proper documentation.

Enhance business with the modern digital procurement practice

  • Automatically sense material demand and requisition replenishment deliveries from vendors
  • Trigger payments utilizing real-time signals of material delivery
  • Execute automated and secure payments
  • Exchange or transfer goods through validated and trusted decentralized ledgers

Recommendation to win the digital transformation in procurement

  • Identify inconsistencies in item quality
  • Streamline complex logistics
  • Lack of appropriate approval systems and documentation
  • Inability to determine an effective manufacturing strategy leads to overspending
  • Manage bottleneck situations to meet tight schedules without exceeding the budget
  • Enhance vendor audits

Effective strategic sourcing

  • Optimize the spends and control inventory
  • Locate reliable and economical sources of raw materials, products, and components
  • Improve Lead Times, Compliance, Logistics, and Payment Terms
  • Identify quality auditing partners

Anticipate customer needs and
top-notch delivery

  • Effective bidding and procurement process
  • Quick vendor onboarding and management
  • Store information like certificates, licenses and strengthen vendor relationships
  • Transparency and tracking of vendor awarding process, performance and metrics
  • Seamlessly integrated with any on-premises or Cloud ERP
  • Secure and scalable

Operate the happiest and most efficient procurement team along with satisfied Vendors on the foundation of effective

Kprocure collaborative platform

Vendor Ratings

Alerts & Notification

Intuitive Dashboards

API’s for ERP Integration

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