Kprocure is a secure platform with multiple layers of control functions to manage the supply network. Banks with several number of branch offices across locations benefit a lot by using our digital platform and optimise their operating expenses by 5-6% annually.

Grow your business with a new-age procurement platform

  • Monetize your data with up-to-date tools and technologies
  • Do smart banking and embrace Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive technologies
  • Automate your supply chain and digitize all your transactions

Importance of digital transformation in procurement

  • Digitalization of procurement pays off
  • Complete systemic controls and cost management within the organization
  • Regulatory the requirements and ensure the standards are met
  • Mitigate supply risk, drive innovation, and promote continuous improvement
  • Consistent data tracking

Advanced strategic sourcing

  • Establish a new collaboration method with your vendors
  • Non-compensatory cost-cutting strategies
  • Enforcing process standardization and automation
  • Drive commercial optimization
  • Leverage technology and data to improve Sourcing processes

Deliver more and exceed customer expectations

  • Gain transparency on supply chain data and strive to deliver better by using our tool
  • Enforce compliance policies and track performances
  • Eliminate repetitive processes and manual errors by adapting to automation enabled platform like Kprocure and do on-time deliveries
  • Stay within the client project budgets by configuring spend controls and negotiate with vendors for better pricing

Operate the happiest and most efficient procurement team along with satisfied Vendors on the foundation of effective

Kprocure collaborative platform

Vendor Ratings

Alerts & Notification

Intuitive Dashboards

API’s for ERP Integration

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