Kprocure a robust, fully integrated suite of sourcing, procurement, and vendor management that can help your business to proactively mitigate financial & business risks to deliver sustainable profitability.

Achieving a successful business with digital procurement policies

  • New data-driven business models
  • Build technology-enabled procurement functions for operational excellence
  • The adaptable global governance model
  • Stay on top of technological developments for long-standing games

Significance of digital transformation

  • Vendor diversification
  • Contract and Sub-contract Management
  • Continues innovation required in terms of fuel economy, safety, worker experiences and other demands
  • Transparency in vendor performance validation
  • Stabilise your demands and optimise supply complexity

Augmented strategic sourcing

  • Change your focus from pricing to quality
  • Strategic information for controlling costs and performance management
  • Incorporate innovative KPI for CPO’s
  • Automate your processes and fast track the events
  • Discover and engage with tech-savvy vendors

Unlock customer needs and exceptional delivery

  • Eliminates manual tracking and aids in the aggregation of external market intelligence
  • Associate with top-class vendors based on their performance to fulfil the demands
  • Truly, integration and intelligence will be the hallmarks of tomorrow’s success
  • Seamlessly integrated with any on-premise or Cloud ERP
  • Secure and scalable

Operate the happiest and most efficient procurement team along with satisfied Vendors on the foundation of effective

Kprocure collaborative platform

Vendor Ratings

Alerts & Notification

Intuitive Dashboards

API’s for ERP Integration

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