Enterprise. Web. Mobility. We are an enterprise technology and solutions company.
We build, integrate and manage enterprise tech — ERP, SFA, RPA, Business Analytics solutions and related services.
Enterprise. Web. Mobility. Born in the Internet era, we are a web-first company.
We build and manage enterprise web applications and seamlessly integrate them with ERP, SFA and analytics solutions. We also build web portals, websites, dashboards for enterprises globally.
Enterprise. Web. Mobility. An eye firmly on the future, we are a mobile-driven company.
We build, integrate and manage mobile applications for the business to enable enterprises flourish on-the-go.


Service Organizations need to track and monitor their resources working across multiple projects to ensure high service quality standards leading to Customer satisfaction..Read more

The first and foremost reason is improved security.The cloud-based access provides seamless navigable dashboards for efficient troubleshooting…. Read more

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Kāladi Impact

In Kāladi Consulting, across enterprise, web and mobility, we have worked on several rewarding projects optimising customer businesses with technology. Here are case studies about some of our work.

Kāladi Customers

Kāladi Customerspeak

The Kāladi Way

Unparalleled domain expertise

Unparalleled domain expertise

We've worked closely with global organisations in pharma (manufacture & distribution), FMCG (wholesale & retail distribution) and telecom, developing a keen understanding of these domains.

Proven delivery methodology

Proven delivery methodology

We've built a fail-proof method to the work we do, drawing from best practices worldwide, while also keeping in mind clients' preferences.

Solution accelerators

Solution accelerators

We've deep functional acumen in financials, SCM, manufacturing and technical skills in Oracle EBS, Fusion Cloud, web, mobile as well as RPA and BI solutions. We have developed re-usable applications/solution accelerators that enable enterprises start and scale quickly.

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Ezhil #IAMKĀLADI because I've known this company for many years,
even before I was hired here, and I like the work culture.

So when I had a chance to work for Kāladi, I
did not want to miss it.
Hi, I'm Ezhil.
Ramya #IAMKĀLADI because I stand for persistence, hard work and
never taking short cuts
Hi, I'm Ramya.
Anbu #IAMKĀLADI because I unwaveringly focus on customer needs
and strive every day to provide quality solutions
to them.

In the process, I continuously develop
my skills and grow.
Hi, I'm Anbu.
Raja #IAMKĀLADI because I strive to create an environment conducive to

I place strong focus on people development.
Hi, I'm Raja.
Manjula #IAMKĀLADI because I am elated to work in such a conducive environment
full of positive vibes, where the main focus is on perfection
at work.

Kaladi challenges me at all times to raise the bar, learn
and constantly improve my skills.
Hi, I'm Manjula
Saran #IAMKĀLADI because We have a steadfast focus and commitment to the quality
of our work, which has helped us to win more
international clients.

Who will miss the chance to work here?
Hi, I'm Saran
Guna #IAMKĀLADI because Kaladi is the place, where they support for growth,
innovations, capabilities and more

A great team of intelligent and friendly colleagues,
always upbeat and genuinely care for one another.
Hi, I'm Guna.
Raje #IAMKĀLADI because Respect, Care, and Excellence are qualities that exude
from the top and flow throughout the rest of the company.

I have enjoyed the company’s priorities, insights,
and culture.
Hi, I'm Raje.

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